airport air‧port [ˈeəpɔːt ǁ ˈerpɔːrt] noun [countable]
a place where planes fly to and from, that has buildings for passengers to wait in and for cargo:

• The site for the new airport has yet to be decided.

ˈhub ˌairport
TRAVEL an airport with a lot of flights where people can easily change planes to travel on to another airport
ˌinternational ˈairport
TRAVEL an airport designed for air travel to and from other countries, with space for the largest aircraft:

• Heathrow, the world's busiest international airport

ˌregional ˈairport
TRAVEL an airport that serves a particular area but that has few international flights

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airport UK US /ˈeəpɔːt/ noun [C]
TRANSPORT a place where aircraft regularly take off and land, with buildings for passengers to wait in: »

a a commercial/major airport


airport charges/security


an airport terminal/lounge

depart/fly from an airport »

Most of our flights depart from convenient local airports.

take off from/land at/touch down at an airport »

I checked online and saw that the plane had already touched down at the airport.

arrive at/get to the airport »

Aim to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight.

meet sb/pick sb up at the airport »

One of our representatives will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel.

See also HUB AIRPORT(Cf. ↑hub airport), INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT(Cf. ↑international airport), REGIONAL AIRPORT(Cf. ↑regional airport)

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